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Sonia Vachon

Sonia Vachon, Board Member

Sonia Vachon is an accomplished entrepreneur and President of DSD International; a World Leader in the development of safety gas spouts, which protect the environment and gasoline consumers by preventing evaporation and spillage. Sonia graduated from law school and became a lawyer in 1995. Thereafter she joined DSD, a company founded by her parents. From the beginning, Sonia and her father sought to innovate in the plastic industry by creating products to make life simpler and greener. She has experienced every level of company development: from manual labor to accounting, client management, customer service, tradeshows – you name it, she’s done it. She eventually scaled the corporate ladder from sales director, CEO to her current position of President.

Under her management, the company expanded from 12 employees 20 years ago, to over 125 employees today. With dedication and hard work, the company grew into a multimillion dollar company and became a leader in its field. Sonia was recently named President of the DSD Group. She has integrated her legal knowledge into developing strategic partnerships and management skills.

It was on a personal visit to India that she encountered the dichotomy of this magnificent country. She saw brilliantly educated people living alongside the world’s most underprivileged children and families. She knew she could make a difference, and decided to invest her time in developing and building schools to help provide these children with hope for a better life. Street children can have a meeting place and a school where they receive supervised education, food and new clothing that can dramatically increase their chances of survival.

Construction for the first school is planned for 2015 in memory of a generous Brahman, Shri Narad Prasad Chaturvedi. He donated the land to his son Anil for the purpose and mission of building a school. This school will be the first milestone to our quest in India.

Spoken languages
French, English

Favorite bands and music
Sarah MacLauchlan, Journey, U2

Favorite foods and restaurants
Vegetarian; vegetarian lasagna, bocconcini salad, PF Chang

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. “

- Jack Welch