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Mylène Geoffroy

Mylène Geoffroy, Founder CEO

Passionate about life and idealistic, armed with direct response marketing skills, Mylène has brought her insight and acumen to the WCE foundation. She wants to make a difference by changing the pervasive negative views on Africa and its needs.

Mylène’s career began in the film industry as special effects makeup artist, where she fell in love with the arts. She then moved to the corporate world, climbing the ladder to become a top financial adviser in the field for almost a decade. During that period, she developed a number of professional relationships and managed portfolios. She created a unique relation of trust with clients who provided her with insights on the world of business and philanthropy.

In 2011, Mylène became President of TALK Marketing Agency; a company specialized in bringing innovations to mass market. She felt it would merge her two passions and that she could combine the best from both worlds; business and creativity.

Her motto is simple: We need action, and it begins with education.

Spoken languages
French and English

Some of Mylène’s passions
People, painting, hiking, beach and hanging out with friends

Favorite bands and music
Muse, Indy rock, and classical

Favorite foods and restaurants
Seafood, Risotto, and her dad’s bread

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

- Henri Ford