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Arlette Nkurayija

Arlette Nkurayija, President

Arlette’s story, although difficult, is one of resilience. Born in Rwanda, Arlette had a happy childhood with her family until the historical events of 1994.

Surviving against all odds, Arlette saw the worst of humanity. In spite of the horrors, she decided not to be passive, not to fall victim to circumstances. Hers is a story of forgiveness and love. Arlette does not need pity; for her, it’s about positive change and creating a better future.

Arlette moved to Italy and eventually to Montreal. With fluency in 5 languages, she was able to see the opportunities open to her. In 2010, she completed her law degree in Montreal.

Today, Arlette is an attorney in private practice. In 2011, she became the attorney for TALK Enterprises and its marketing branch, TALK Marketing Agency. In 2012, she became President of the Women and Children Embassy Foundation, endeavoring to leave a positive imprint on the world, especially in Africa.

Spoken languages
Kinyarwanda, French, English, Swahili and Italian

Some of Arlette’s passions
Traveling, cultures

Favorite bands and music
Jazz, Soft Rock, New Classical like Hans Zimmer

Favorite foods and restaurants
Seafood, all seafood, any seafood

“Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.”

- Nelson Mandela